Technical Name Hanging submerged plant pot for vegetable cultivationpower generation
Project Operator TungHai University
Project Host 學生
To combine the vegetable cultivationgreen-energy generation, the hanging submerged plant pot system includes a dual container capable of separating different environments (i.e., soilwater). The first container contains irrigation watercathodic electrodes,the second container is hanged inside the first container, in which the bottom can be immersed in the water contained in the first container. The second container contains the media required for plant cultivation, such as soil,anodic electrodes. By using the proposed device, environments with different redox states can be distinguished to facilitate the anodiccathodic reactions respectively,vegetable cultivation can be implemented concurrently.
Scientific Breakthrough
Most of the plant microbial fuel cells were using paddy crops to generate electricity. This patented technology can cultivate various kinds of dry corps which can be easily cultivated to produce high economic values,concurrently using the fuel cell device to implement power generation. The anodescathodes are placed in soilwater, respectively. The microorganisms on the anodes in the soil will use the residual sugars produced by photosynthesis to drive an anodic reaction. The cathodes in the water will react with dissolved oxygen to produce a cathodic reaction. Through the potential difference between the two electrodes, electron transfer is generated to achieve the purpose of collecting electrical energy.
Industrial Applicability
"Sustainable development is the challengegoal for modern industries. How to increase food self-sufficiencyenergy development are important global issues. The techniques used in this work include concepts such as agricultural technology, bioelectrochemistry,water reuse. This work is expected to have the emerging applications in industry:
 1. Green energy development.
 2. Development of food-electricity sustainable cycle technology.
 3. The purpose of education of green energysustainable development."
Keyword Microbial fuel cell Hydroponics vegetables Agriculture technology Bioelectrochemistry Sustainably cycling economics Bioenergy Environmental Education Power generation system Green Energy City Farm
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