Technical Name Semiconductor Laser Quantum Key DistributionCommunication Transceiver
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 吳育任
To implement the semiconductor-laser-based single-photon QKD for OQC in DWDM-PON, novel technologies including self-feedback DI, master-to-slave F/PLL, random DPSK protocol synthesixeralgorithm, silicon photonic single-photon QKD system-on-chip, high-Q-factor micro-ring notch filter, etc. will be established for realizing 2-D/3-D QKD/OQC architecture in 25-100km short-/long-reach metropolitanbackbone SMF DWDM-PON applications beyond 10 Gbit/s.
Scientific Breakthrough
The DFBLD- DPSK-QKD-OQC technology employs the narrow-linewidth ultralow-drift DFBLD single-photon QKD carrier with master-slave injection lockingmutual frequency/phase locking control, combining with self-feedback 1-bit-delay interferometer with high-Q micro-RingFano notch filter,receiving by the pulsed-gating low-dark-current SPAD for realizing 25-100 km short/long distance SMF-based 2-D/3-D QKD-OQC DWDM-PON at 10Gbit/s transmission1Mbits receiving.
Industrial Applicability
"DFBLD-based DPSK-QKD-OQC protocol distributortransceiver for DWDM-PON" demonstrated with novel key components such as injection-locked DPSK carrier, software-controlled/self-feedback DI, pulsed-gated SPAD, Si-Ph QKD system-on-chip,QKD protocol simulator/analyzer, has opened a new industrial era with urgent need on strengthening quantum encryptiondecryption capabilities for applications in e-commerce financial payment, government defensemedical information streaming.
Keyword Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Coherent Single-Photon Quantum Source Silicon Photonic Transceiver System on Chip Single-Mode Narrow-Linewidth Semiconductor Laser 1-Bit-Delay Fiber Interferometer (1-Bit DI) Randomized DPSK QKD Protocol Encoder SiGe Single-Photon Avalanche Photodetector (SPAD) Pulsed Bit-Stream Gating and Delay Circuitry QKD Protocol Encoding/Decoding Program Single-Photon QKD DWDM Communication Network
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