Technical Name Precision blood test for detection of breast cancer
Project Operator Taipei Medical University
Project Host 林若凱
EPICAn is a novel technique that uses liquid biopsy for epigenetic analysis. Using methylation-specific PCR method to analyze specific gene methylation of cell-free DNA in plasma for early detection of breast cancer. The advantages of this technology are 1. High accuracy 2. Low false positive rate 3. Low-invasive 4. less limitation 5. Available for routine continuous detection 6. Monitoring cancer changes 7. Aided diagnosis 8. Automated process 9. Easy-to-operate 10. Rapid analysis. It is expected that EPICAn technique can increase the accuracy of early detection of breast canceraid clinicians diagnosis.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
EPICAN technique is the world's first application of liquid biopsies for epigenetic analysis in the early detection of breast cancer. The detection sensitivity is up to 93, specificity 93, AUC is 0.930, the accuracy is 93. And it can be used to detect early breast cancer. Combined with current imaging examinations to improve the accuracy of early diagnosis. 
Industrial Applicability
According to the market evaluation of website, the global breast cancer screening market is US$1.68 billion in 2019,the CAGR is 8.4 /5 years. It is expected to reach US$3 billion in 2026. The previous study reveals that is about 1.6 million women undergo breast biopsy each year. Based on the number of annual breast biopsies, the market of EPICAn detection technique is expected to reach US$160 million. EPICAn detection technique will be commercialized as a detection kit. At first, we will authorize the LDTS labs in providing detection services for the funding of the early-stage startup operating. On the other hand, we will authorize the GMP reagent manufacturer to produce EPICAn detection kitcollaborate the agents for selling.
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