Technical Name Using innovative microbial technologies as a high-efficiency valued-added total solution for industrial livestock wastewater treatment
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 陳俊延
The innovative microbial wastewater treatment technology of our team can effectively reduce the COD, BOD, total nitrogen and total phosphorus in livestock wastewater to the emission standards in a short period of time, and the generated microorganisms can be developed for feed additives and organic fertilizers. In terms of industrial wastewater, this technology can also effectively clean petrochemical, ammonia nitrogen and heavy metal wastewater  by degrading COD and ammonia nitrogen even adsorbing heavy metals, showing the excellent treatment performances.
Scientific Breakthrough
The microorganisms of our team are completely isolated and purified by ourselves, that are different the current biological methods. Therefore, the treatment items are more diverse, and the biological instability is improved. It can also be used in harsh environments (high salinity, COD, and ammonia-nitrogen concentration) to carry out wastewater cleansing; in addition, the microorganisms of our team can also effectively remove a variety of heavy metals, and develop unique and suitable formulas according to the characteristics of wastewater in each factory.
Industrial Applicability
The microbial treatment technology of our team can be applied to livestock and a variety of industrial industries, greatly reducing treatment costs. In terms of  livestock wastewater, the microbial technology of our team can reduce all indicators to emission water standards. There are four to five animal farms undergoing field test. It is estimated that will have a market share of more than 1% in Taiwan; while in industrial wastewater treatment, the global industrial wastewater market will reach nearly NT$10 trillion. Therefore, the huge scale can be predictable for the economic efficiency.
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