Technical Name Applying a benthic microbial fuel cell module for a smart piggery wastewater treatment facility
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 蘇忠楨
This benthic microbial fuel cell is fueled by livestock wastewater, anaerobic digester as its anode tank,anaerobic sludge in the anode tank as a biological catalyst. A plastic basin filled with clean water is used as its cathode slot, a thin film is used for proton exchange between the two electrode tanks,a self-designed coated stainless-steel mesh electrode is installed in the two electrode tanks,the two poles are connected to the capacitor through the external circuit. It is expected that multiple capacitors can be used in series to supply low-power consumption devices for intelligent livestock wastewater treatment facilities.
Scientific Breakthrough
This is the first domestic livestock wastewater as its fuel microbial fuel cell, vertical mold factory design (cathode tank erected above the anode tank) simulates the on-site situation of wastewater treatment facilities in the pig farm, the anode tank is an anaerobic digester, the cathode tank is set up above the anaerobic digester, the two electrode tanks are installed with self-designed coated stainless-steel mesh electrodes,then the two electrodes are connected to the capacitor through the external circuit. The use of multiple capacitors in series to supply the low-power consumption device of the intelligent livestock wastewater treatment facility on a full scale.
Industrial Applicability
The scope of industrial application of technology: (1) Oceanographic research: it can provide long-term power to sensorsdata transmission devices deployed in the ocean for a long time. (2) Smart livestock wastewater treatment system: Using livestock wastewater as fuel, can provide a sensordata transmission device for long-term power to the wastewater tank. (3) Smart aquaculture farm: Using the sediment at the bottom of the aquatic pond as fuel, can provide long-term electricity to the sensordata transmission device of the aquatic pond.
Keyword Net zero carbon emission Renewable electricity Smart wastewater treatment system Livestock wastewater Aquatic pond Sediment microbial fuel cell Benthic microbial fuel cell Biogas
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