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  • Mobile-type Automatic Monitoring of Water Quality
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  • National Tsing Hua University
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  • 董瑞安
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  • radoong@mx.nthu.edu.tw
Technical Description The detection principle of CODNH3-N is based on the optimization of reagent kits, while the selectivitysensitivity of metal ions is mainly from Au nanoparticles. An excellent correlation of pollutant concentrations between the detectedverified ones is obtained, showing the feasibility of using this mobile automatic instrument for detection of COD, NH3-Nmetal ions.
Scientific Breakthrough \"(1)To effective shorten the analytical time from 3 h to 15 min, which enhances the ability toward monitoringauditing.(2)The detection is based on the optimized reagentsthe results are reliablecomparable to the standard method.(3)Developed based on the microfluidic systemonly 1 mL of wastewater is need for analysis.(4)Can be customized according to the different needs, purpo
Industrial Applicability The developed technology is powerful on the examination of wide variety of waterwastewater. Since the detection only needs 15 min1 mL of sample, this cutting-edge technology can be applied to all kinds of industrieslocal government for auditing as well as for understanding the treatment performance of facilities. This technology can also be used to tract the possible pollution sourc