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  • Hydrogen fuel cell emergency rescue power generation device
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  • National University Of Tainan
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  • 江瑋哲
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  • jemximi@msn.com
Technical Description Using any water source and mixing our high-tech powder, our device can generate electricity, and the generated electricity can be used by users.
It mainly uses powder mixed with water source to produce hydrogen, and uses hydrogen to make fuel cell generate electricity, and then provide electricity to users.
The selection of water sources has been experimented with lake water, black tea, sea water, tap water, rainwater, and urine. Each water source can enable the device to start and generate electricity.
The source of the technology powder is the post-processed waste of the technology industry, which is ground into a powder and mixed with an aqueous solution to generate hydrogen. The purity of the generated hydrogen can be as high as 98%. The hydrogen purity has been measured by laboratory equipment.
The generated electricity can allow the user to charge the mobile phone (5V, 2A), sound an alarm, and let Rescue workers or users who urgently need power can get help.
Scientific Breakthrough Compared with the traditional charging type portable device, it will be limited by the capacity, and it needs to be able to work for a long time in the environment with a charging mechanism, and it can not be applied to the frequently loaded appliances for a long time; and this technology is It is integrated on the hydrogen fuel cell system by mixing special materials, and the material source can be obtained in the general environment, and it will not be affected by environmental conditions. By adding materials, it can provide sustainable power supply. Compared with traditional batteries, it can be said Is a big advantage.
Industrial Applicability When a natural disaster or war occurs, the TPC(Taipower) system cannot be repaired or is located in a remote area, the relevant water resources can be used to generate electricity, and the emergency power supply can be continuously supplied, such as GPS positioning, communication equipment, etc., to improve the harsh environment Under survival. Target markets, such as military units, used by the Army for field operations, and naval operations at sea; another group of people are outdoor activists, such as ocean-going, crossing the desert, etc. It can also be used as the power source for ambulance systems.