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  • An Energy Saving High Performance and Multi-Use Gas Distributor
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  • Far East University
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  • 丁永強
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Technical Description This creation is about a gas dispersion device with gas introduction and rotary stirring. This creation includes: a container, including a cover and a hollow shell, the cover is covered on the hollow shell to enclose a containing space, and a hollow chamber is defined in the hollow shell; a gas guide The unit is arranged in the accommodating chamber, and the air guiding unit has an air guiding tube extending into the accommodating space; a stirring unit is fixed on the hollow casing and extends into the accommodating space. Thereby, the stirring unit stirs and mixes the gas and the solution, and at the same time, the gas guiding unit pressurizes and introduces the gas and collides with the liquid to generate a mist of fine particles, which is used for gas dispersion.
Scientific Breakthrough 1. Uniform dispersion: The holes size and arrange was according to the hydrodynamic principle and the size from small to large from the center of main tube. So, every hole has the same outflow amount of gas.
2. Energy saving: The gas or air will eject from the side of branch tube and the reaction force can let the tube rotate automatically, the gas distributor will be very uniform in the liquid and it could be save energy.
3. Adjustable length: The branch tube could be stretch or shorten so it suit for any size or volume tank or vessel.
4. Multi-use: This equipment has multi-use, it could be used in the chemical reactor, fishpond, fish bowls and essential oil diffuser.
Industrial Applicability This technology could be applied to various shapes and sizes of chemical reactors, essential oil diffuser, fish tanks, fish ponds, etc.