Technical Name Video-based blood pressure and respiration measurement and its applications in the home sleep apnea and health management system
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 吳炳飛
The technology utilizes image continuity and contactless monitoring of blood pressure and respiration state to help patients avoid wearable pressure when detecting sleep apnea and reduce the complexity of detection. The system can help users to easily detect sleep status in their lives, contactlessly measure and make daily health records, as the real-time management monitoring of daily homecare. This technology conducts IRB clinical trials, establishes a large database, joins physician professions, and optimizes AI solutions.
Scientific Breakthrough
Technical highlights of this system for image-based sleep apnea measurement:
1. Non-contact continuous blood pressure and respiratory detection technology is applied to the sleep apnea syndrome measurement
2. Suitable for home healthcare for sub-healthy patients who have sleep disorders and sleep apnea syndrome.
3. Cooperate with the hospital sleep laboratory for clinical trials to collect actual physiology and respiration data to optimize the AI algorithm
4. Join the professional knowledge of physicians and use AI to predict the risk of respiratory cessation.
Industrial Applicability
Image-based blood pressure and respiration detection technology is applied in the home sleep test, which can solve the problems of insufficient sleep laboratory and the wearable devices affecting sleep detection. The testees do not need to wear any device nor change their sleep habits. It is easy to use under the daily sleep status at home, which can achieve the same test results as in the professional sleep laboratory for further diagnosis. This technology integrates low-cost equipment and can be applied as home health management system to provide a multi-functional use mode for potential patients and family members.
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