Technical Name Video-based blood pressure measurement with AI technologyits applications in digital healthsmart healthcare
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 吳炳飛
The technology is video-based blood pressure monitoring which will help people know the continuous BP status in real time. Also, the contactless measurement can make a daily health record. We have conducted clinical trials in hospitalsestablished a large database to optimize AI solution. The system joins the physicians' specialty to analyze the users' health status with AI,takes care of human life with technology.
Scientific Breakthrough
The technical highlights:
1.Commercialized, contactlesscontinuous BP measurement technology
2.Fast output
3.Feasible to measure with glasses wearing
4. High-precision compared to medical grade instruments
5. Conduct clinical trials with hospitals to collect actual data to optimize the AI solution.
6. Join physicians' expertisepredict disease with AI
Industrial Applicability
Contactless blood pressure monitoring can be applied to many fields,currently work with cardiology, anesthesiology, etc. to develop disease prediction such as hypertension, stroke. The technology can be used in hospitals to have warnings of abnormal conditionsthe daily health record of markets such as home caresilver healthcare. Long-term observations provide more reference for medical staffmore peace of mind for family.
Keyword Contactless blood pressure detection video based blood pressure monitoring Smart healthcare Tele Home Care Elderly home care Blood pressure related disease prediction Hypertension prevention smart healthcare village Cardiovascular disease management system Digital Health
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