Technical Name Intelligent Vision based HealthcarePhysiological Information Monitoring System
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 吳炳飛
With the technology of computer vision, the system can effectively monitor the statusbehavior of users by face detectionrecognition, image-based physiological information measurement, behavior recognition, fatigue detection,painful expression analytics. If the detected status is abnormal, the system will warn the users, medical staff, family in real-time,send the messages to the authority concerned.
Scientific Breakthrough
"The features of our technology are as follows:

1.A single camera can measure heartbeat,HRV.

2.90-degrees angle for face detectionreal-time processing of the arbitrary motion face recognition 

3.The heartbeat can be measured as high as 180more.

4.Big data of cloudartificial intelligence analysis for individual health status.

5.Manage the physiological signal at any time."
Industrial Applicability
Face recognition combined with physiological information detection can be applied to a variety of fields. Currently, we work to develop the market of [smart healthcare] for helping users do the self-health management, home care needs,sports fitness planning in the area of remote healthcare, asthma, OSAS, elder healthcare. Also, developing the [smart traffic] market to reduce fatigue driving, a
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