Technical Name Web-based Diagnostic System for Assessing Psychiatric Disorders
Project Operator National Yang Ming University
Project Host 楊智傑
The Al-based web diagnostic system provides an online assessment tool for diagnosing schizophrenia. The Explainable Deep Neural Network classifier is deployed to analyze gray matterwhite matter to derive diagnostic classification of schizophrenia. The structural brain abnormalities associated with schizophrenia is visualized on the AI-based web diagnostic system at individual level.
Scientific Breakthrough
The deep learning model developed in this research can provide diagnostic assessmentidentify specific brain deficit associated with schizophrenia, with an accuracy of 87.5 diagnosing schizophrenia using gray matter image,91.7 using white matter image. We also established a complete solution of web-based platform as an intelligent medical tool used in researchclinical practice.
Industrial Applicability
Our technology is to employ the web diagnosis platformdeep learning model to provide the diagnosis of schizophrenia based on routine brain imaging used in the hospital. This platform can potentially extend to major neuropsychiatric diseases, providing precise evaluation for medical professionals, increasing quality of medical careestablishing connections to digital medicine industry.
Keyword Artificial Intelligence Explainable Deep Neural Network Mental illness Schizophrenia Diagnostic platform Brain image MRI Machine Learning Psychiatry Augmented Diagnosis
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