Technical Name New Era of Personalized Medicine - the First Taiwanese Human Lung-on-a-chip System
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 陳冠宇
Our team has developed technology to build lung-on-a-chip with the aim of creating alternatives for animal researchachieving more accuratereliable preclinical experimental data.The chip's rapideffective screening ability will help the clinical community to reduce costsdrastically shorten the drug-development process.
Scientific Breakthrough
Scientific breakthroughs:
(1)	Individualized biomimetics
(2)	Health impacts of air pollution
(3)	Diversifiedrich data
(4)	Simplification of technological requirement

Compared with organ-on-a-chip companies newly established in EUAmerica, our technology can better simulate the actual level of the tissuesorgans, while also developing an even more innovative alveolargas exposure system.
Industrial Applicability
This technology is intended to be integrated with the local resources of Taiwan, encouraging related biochip/drug development/animal experiment industries. As new companies with only 1-2 core technologies may face severe domesticforeign competition. Our platform promises to integrateprovide opportunities to transformbuild upon existing strengths by collaborating in the development of biomimetic chipsprecision medicine.
Keyword Lung physiology Orang-on-a-chip Chip production and packaging process Personalized medicine Air pollution Biochip Disease modeling Animal replacement Drug development Biochip sensing
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