Technical Name AM-Enabled Precision Medicine in Developing in vitro Bioengineered Cancer Drug Screening Platform
Project Operator China Medical University
Project Host 陳怡文
The prevention and treatment of cancer have been greatly improved over recent years. The search for treatment methods that are more efficient and specific and, through the deepened understanding toward tumors, PS models with high specificity to truthfully reflect the cause, metastasis, and treatment strategies.  This project aims to create an automated tumor-on-a-chip (TOC) through patients’ cancer cells, combined with 3D printable, biodegradable polymers, for the strategizing of customized cancer treatments for precision medicine.
Our team has successfully expanded the bioprinting system into a high-end Automatic Tool Changer Module (ATCM). we have constructed a biofabricated TOCs for cancer drug screening, and two microenvironment systems with organoids or tumor cell-blocks, where treatment outcomes can be evaluated against clinical results. It is fervently hoped that through the bioprinting technology, combined with organoid predictions, precision medicine can be realized.
Scientific Breakthrough
In order to translate the scientific knowledge of tumor microenvironment from bench to bedside, this team used bioprinting technology to print normal tissue cell, cancer cell, and create the microenvironment by combining with 3D printable, biodegradable polymers; in the end create a patient-specific platform. PS models with high specificity to truthfully reflect the cause, metastasis and treatment strategies. Through the deepened understanding toward tumors, we could be assisted of strategizing of customized cancer treatments for precise medicine.
Industrial Applicability
This tech aims to establish a drug screening platform. Tumor-on-a-chip can reflect the human anatomy, tissue and tumor function, in the end, assist Physicians to find the patient-specific drugs, execute effective treatments, achieve the precision outcomes for patients.
Keyword Additive manufacturing Precision medicine Tumor-on-chip Biofabrication 3D printing Drug Screening Regenerative medicine Biotechnology Bioprinting Organ-on-chip
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