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  • Xenogeneic mammary epithelial cell immunotherapy for breast cancer
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  • China Medical University Hospital
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  • 石志榮
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  • chshyr@gmail.com
Technical Description Our technology develops a novel cancer immunotherapy approach using therapeutic xenogeneic cells as an immuno-oncology drug. Therapeutic cell drugs are based on key principles of biology and mimic the natural physiological functions and pathways of the human body and immune system to treat diseases. Our technology enables us to isolate and expand therapeutic xenogeneic mammalian epithelial cells from safe animal sources and use them as an immunotherapeutic agent to treat breast cancer. Our technology uses a biomimetic culture system to obtain xenogeneic mammary epithelial cells of proliferating potential (including tissue stem/progenitor /precursor cells) and convert the expanded cells into a cellular product for breast cancer treatment. Our cell medicines are derived from living organisms, not from chemical processes like most pills. Because cell medicines act through nature body reactions, they are safer than chemical pills and avoid unwanted side effects on other cells in the body.
Scientific Breakthrough With the insights in cell transplantation and the host body immunity, our xenogeneic cell immunotherapy approach uses therapeutic xenogeneic cells by recruiting natural components of the immune defenses to execute their anti-tumor actions. The therapeutic xenogeneic cells have variable physiological properties and multiple effects acting on different pathways and targets in the host body to simulate anti-tumor immune responses, providing a new mechanism of action and promising treatment option different to current small molecule, protein, viral and bacterial-based medicines. Our scientific discovery is the first to demonstrate the efficacy of therapeutic xenogeneic cells in repressing tumor growth, representing a breakthrough in immune-oncology field with a novel immunotherapeutic agent.
Industrial Applicability Our technology generates authentic xenogeneic cells similar to native cells with cell-like pharmacokinetic properties to boost anti-tumor immunity and develops these cells as an immuno-oncology drug to fight cancers. The use of therapeutic cells is 3rd drug revolution in treating diseases after small molecule and protein drugs. This powerful strategy is not only applied to breast cancer, but also other types of solid tumors. Our technology platform could produce and develop therapeutic xenogeneic cell medicines of different tissue types for various cancers. Immuno-oncology market size is projected to reach $38.89 billion by 2025. The development of novel immuno-oncology drugs through our technology could generate enormous economic benefits for biopharma industry and to the human health.