Technical Name Aerogel Composite panel and Method of Making the Same
Project Operator National Cheng-Kung University
Project Host 李訓谷
Development of a short-cut and cost-effective aerogel composite panel by direct emulsion method combined with ambient pressure drying process. In addition, glass fibers are added to the process to increase its mechanical strength. This research has successfully verified that this innovative material has low thermal conductivity coefficient, 1st level flame resistance and high mechanical strength.
Scientific Breakthrough
Using emulsion method combined with ambient pressure drying process, effectively reducing manufacturing costs and shortening process time. In addition, the addition of glass fiber as a structural support for aerogel can effectively improve its mechanical strength. Furthermore, this aerogel composite can also be recycled in the manufacturing process, and also a circular economic material.
Industrial Applicability
The proposed aerogel composite panel can be directly applied to the building envelope (roof, exterior wall) to enhance the heat insulation and fireproof performance of the building, and can be used for fireproof doors, curtain fireproof packing also be used as insulation materials for boilers or steam pipelines in the fossil industry because they can withstand high temperatures.
Keyword Aerogel Composite Panel Heat Insulation Fire Resistance Insulation Building Materials Energy-saving Building Materials Industrial Insulation Roof Exterior Wall Fireproof Doors
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