Technical Name High conductivity gel/solid electrolyte for lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials (Hi-GEM) Research Center
Project Host 鄧熙聖 講座教授
The glue/solid-state lithium battery has the characteristics of high safety and high energy density in energy storage applications, and improves battery cycle and service life, among which electrolyte materials are the core of its technology. The gel/solid electrolyte based on polymer or inorganic materials does not have the problem of liquid leakage, which can greatly increase the safety of the battery, and can also be combined with the arbitrary change of the appearance of the product, coupled with factors such as strong mechanical properties and easy processing. The development focus is on the improvement and improvement of the ion conduction mechanism at the material interface, which can reduce the irreversible phenomenon of charge and discharge, so it can avoid the dendritic lithium formation and prevent the internal isolation of the cathode and anode contacts caused by piercing the traditional isolation film. Improve their life and reduce the risk of fire and explosion.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. The gel battery adopts polymer material as the main structure, which can greatly reduce the risk of fire and explosion caused by puncture, and can match the shape of the component to any shape.
2. All solid-state batteries can completely avoid the burning and explosion of solvents, making the battery safe.
3. Gel electrolytes can be assembled in existing liquid phase processes and can be used in lithium batteries and supercapacitors. All solid-state batteries can be used in advanced roll-to-roll processes to reduce production costs.
Industrial Applicability
1. The development of the addition of quantum dot oxide graphene to lithium battery separator coatings can be combined with separator manufacturers.
2. Gel electrolytes can work with battery cell manufacturers to develop lithium-ion batteries.
3. The lithium battery, supercapacitor and lithium ion capacitor have been developed in cooperation with CPC and China Steel Corporation.
Keyword Copolymer gel solid battery secondary battery lithium battery copolymer gel solid electrolyte high capacitance high safety supercapacitor, graphene quantum dot solid ceramic-copolymer composite electrolyte inorganic ceramic electrolyte
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