Technical Name Post COVID-19, novel critical green energy material with local supply chain
Project Operator Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials (Hi-GEM) Research Center
Project Host 黃肇瑞
(1) Gel-type solid electrolytes and All solid-state electrolytes for Lithium Ion Battery (LIBs)
(2) Fabrication of dye-sensitized solar cells by printing process and its applications on Internet-of-Things (IoT) - MOST 2019 Award
(3) Silicon-carbon coating anode materials for LIBs: SiLican startup company growth and global business layout
(4) Power enhanced Intermediate Temperature Solid State Fuel Cell (SOFC)
(5) Worldwide highest conversion efficiency (19.4%)  perovskite solar cells
(6) Industrial linking and Product design : LevioPole and Smart motorcycle suitcase
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
(1) On-site coagulation: Applicable to current assembly line/High safety/High efficiency
(2) Gel-electrolyte of DSSCs are prepared for operation by printing process. 
(3) High capacity Silicon-based anode material was passed MIIT LIB qualification.
(4) The power performance of SOFC can be enhanced by high reaction area honeycomb structure of the micro tube type SOFC and advanced ceramics molded film process. 
(5) The world's highest conversion efficiency (19.4%) perovskite solar cells.
(6) Harvesting power supply system for motorcycle suitcase with  patented  lighting function circuit. 
Industrial Applicability
Hi-GEM's contributions to Taiwan industry:
(1) Supporting the long term  R&D lab technology and resercher training for large-scale companies (CPC/CSC etc.) in LIBs industry;
(2) Providing novel green energy material technology to the market;
(3) Linking the industry upstream, midstream and downstream to enhance the local supply chain;
(4) Serving enterprises with industrial alliances;
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Keyword solid-state batteries solar cells fuel cells secondary batteries lithium ion batteries perovskite industrial design artificial intelligence (AI) autonomy of key materials
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