Technical Name A therapeutic gel for diabetic wounds
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 黃玲惠
Our results have demonstrated that our tissue gel can effectively promote angiogenesiswound healing in diabetic wounds. Our product prototype will be a powerful therapeutic product to treat diabetic foot ulcersgo further to rescue diabetic patients from amputation.
Scientific Breakthrough
Ulcers are important complications of diabetes, often resulting from lack of appropriate medical approacheslead to gangrenous amputation. 
We developed a tissue gel with optimal compositions required for tissue regeneration. We found it can effectively stimulate local angiogenesisprovide rapid cell growth without any cytotoxicity.
Industrial Applicability
The patents applied for this project are important techniques for promoting angiogenesiscan be used as future biomedical products such as wound dressings, artificial skintissue regeneration.
Keyword diabetic tissue gel wound healing angiogenesis ulcer wound dressing tissue regeneration chronic wound biomaterial medical device
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