• Technical Name
  • Taiwania2 & Taiwan Computing Cloud
  • Operator
  • National Applied Research Laboratories
  • Booth
  • AI&IOT
  • Contact
  • 蔡壽蘭
  • Email
  • sally.tsai@nchc.narl.org.tw
Technical Description TWCC provides services with up to date container technology. Through optimized AI software, developers can quickly deploy, which increases efficiency by 40 compared with the past. Also, it supports high-speed parallel computing. A further increase of 30 compared with current cloud services. In addition, TWCC will integrate AI programstools from different fields to become the largest model m
Scientific Breakthrough TWCC Taiwania2, supercomputer, perform AI training with 1.76 M images/s. Also, the pathogen identification is shortened from 7 days to 5 hrs, disease detection from 1 week to 12 hrs,tumor marking from 48 hrs to 1 hour. The up to date container technology increases efficiency by 40. Supports scheduling multi-nodes & GPUs, the performance of high-speed parallel computing is 30 higher than
Industrial Applicability TWCC applications include smart robot, self-driving, FinTech, smart manufacturing, smart medical/healthcare,smart city, as well as forward-looking programacademic centers such as the AI Innovation Research Center. It will promote industriesuse AI to bring innovation, value-addedapplication,the vigorous development of domestic industriesAI widely used application field