• Technical Name
  • 智慧天使基地台-人本智慧精準通訊服務
  • Operator
  • National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
  • Booth
  • 跨域整合專區
  • Contact
  • 黃承森
  • Email
  • arvin@nctu.edu.tw
Technical Description We developed an advanced communication system which combines edge computing, AI,drones as communication vehicles. Through the integration of platform technologyinnovative technical services, it realizes human centric precise, accurate, long-term,remote intelligentprecise mobile communication services. The prototype of the advanced communication system has completed field verification to show the application of human centric smartprecise mobile communication services.
Scientific Breakthrough The intelligent angel base station developed by our team is mainly based on the drone communication platform combined with related innovative technical services,its transmission capacity can reach at least 10 kilometers away the developed personalized service technology for rapid identification of various characteristics can be within 0.1 seconds to complete the identification of different targets through the base station unsupervised domain adaptation for crowd estimation technology can improve accuracy of crowd estimation by 17reduce 70 data needed to be labeled the stablelong-hovering drone control technology can effectively extend the flight time by 140.
Industrial Applicability We developed a prototype of an advanced communication system-the smart ANGEL base station, which has three platform technologies such as smart control, smart flight,smart communication to provide precise, accurate, long-hover,precise human centric mobile communication services. In addition to being able to use the post-disaster recovery communication network as an emergency rescue communication application, it can also deal with problems such as the instantaneous massive traffic of Flash Crowd.