Technical Name AI Video Analysis and Object Retrieval System
Project Operator National Applied Research Laboratories
Project Host 吳志泓研究員
To resolve public safety and security issues, NCHC developed intelligent video analytics and retrieval system, which can integrate the attribute analysis and recognition of vehicles/pedestrians from CCTV surveillance cameras, utilize TWCC high-speed operation in developments such as AI image semantic analysis and video synopsis technique, to effectively and rapidly search for key targets(vehicles/pedestrians) and provide short clips of the targets’ moving path simultaneously, and as a result fulfill the quick search application service of technological surveillance and Investigation.
Scientific Breakthrough
"1. Provide a comprehensive solution for video analyzing and retrieving, which can rapidly analyze considerable image data and effectively extract crucial information from the video.
2. Quickly build object associated databases through AI attribute analyzing and recognizing mode, providing a platform to rapidly search for crucial information and data.
3. Using the video synopsis technique, video clips of the moving path of the key target can be provided effectively, which shortens the period of inspecting huge amounts of videos.
4. Supports offline video analysis, online video streaming, and multiple-camera surveillance structure."
Industrial Applicability
"1. Security Industry: Provide multiple camera intelligent safety surveillance systems for buildings such as apartments or factories.
2. Police Industry: Provide the application service of crucial figure surveillance and reconnaissance in public areas for law enforcement crews.
3. Catering and Service Industry: Provide the vendor with an all-weather all-field video surveillance environment, improving the tourists’ safety protection."
Matching Needs
Keyword Intelligence Surveillance System Video Analysis Object Retrieval Pedestrian Identification Pedestrian and Vehicle Recognition
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