Technical Name A WearableSelf-powered Multifunctional Module for Active Infection Prevention, Accelerated Wound HealingNoninvasive Healing Monitoring
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 林宗宏
We have developed a self-powered module using electrical stimulation to effectively enhance the healing of normal, infected,diabetic wounds through continuous monitoring of wound resistance, on the premise of not tearing the dressingdestroying the new tissue, the healing information can be obtained remotely the thermoelectric catalyst combined with the smart dressing to generate low-concentration hydrogen peroxide under temperature difference to prevent wound infection.
Scientific Breakthrough
Wearable wound care module: a smart dressing with thermocatalysts, can generate low concentration of hydrogen peroxide under temperature difference to prevent infection. The wound monitoring circuit, through real-time resistance measurement, can remotely know the wound healing condition without removing the dressing. Nanogenerators convert energy of body heatmotions for pulse electrical stimulation, promote cell migrationproliferation, help angiogenesis,accelerate wound healing.
Industrial Applicability
The market currently lacks active electrical stimulation products to promote wound healing. Our technology is based on the use of pulsed electrical stimulation, which can avoid damage to cellstissuesachieve the best curative effect on wound healing. Wound assessment, we can continuously monitor under the condition of dressing to reduce the risk of wound exposure to air infection. The development module is wearablehas the advantages of self-power supply, small sizecomfort.
Keyword Smart dressing self-powered module chronic wound wound healing wound monitoring triboelectric nanogenerator thermoelectric nanogenerator wearable device thermocatalyst hydrogen peroxide
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