Technical Name Regenerative Dermis - a new dawn of revitalization
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 黃玲惠
Regenerative dermis is composed of the nPCM patented technologyis suitable for wounds with damaged dermis after debridement. With antibacterialanti-infection, the wounds are also easy to be taken care of without further removing the regenerative dermis. It therefore promotes rapid healing with smooth skin surface. It contains high-purity collagen, no impuritiesantigens,no chemical cross-linking agents. The regenerative dermis is not shrunk by wound fluidcontracted by cells due to excellent tension structurehomogeneous porosity. With great biocompatibility, our regenerative dermis is 4 times faster than competitive products I® to attract fibroblast infiltrationpromote wound healing.
Scientific Breakthrough
Regenerative dermis is comprised of nPCM patented technologysafe antimicrobial agents. It can therefore be applied at the first place to re-place the first-second-line products. Due to outstanding structural tensionhomogeneous porosity, the regenerative dermis is not shrunk after absorbing wound exudatecontracted by cells. The nPCM patented technology renders it high-purity collagen, no impuritiesantigens,no chemical hazards. With excellent biocompatibility, the regenerative dermis is more effective than competitors to accelerate the process of wound healing with smoother skin surface. It can not only simplify the wound care process but can also be used in combination with stem cell therapy.
Industrial Applicability
The collagen dressing market will reach $1.5 billion by 2027. Over the years, I established the nPCM technology platform, from the process to the products,have filed invention patents. Through the studies of wound healing experiments in animals, the results have confirmed that the quality of our regenerative dermis has surpassed a global leading brand of Dermal Regeneration Template. Our regenerative dermis not only accelerated the process of wound healing effectively, but also achieved excellent healing quality. This technology will be transferred from my University to FM&G Biomed Co., Ltd. for applications.
Keyword dermis collagen porous matrix prosthesis regenerative medicine wound wound care wound healing ulcer tissue engineering
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