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  • The series cosmetic of Mikania micrantha
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Technical Description Mikania micrantha is plant that has spread ecological problems around the world. This technology is mainly found Mikania micrantha extract in the study, which has the effect of promoting the proliferation of skin fibroblasts and epithelial cells, promoting the skin cell wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.
Scientific Breakthrough 小花蔓澤蘭萃取物之用途,主要應用於促進皮膚纖維母細胞增生,促進纖維母細胞粒線體活躍、端粒酶活性增加、促進細胞傷口癒合及細胞抗發炎效果。
Industrial Applicability The technology can provide a new cosmetic raw material, which has been tested by many skin cells. It has the ability to promote the proliferation of fibroblasts and epithelial cells and promote cell wound healing. It can be applied to the development of various skin care products and future applications. For the application of wound dressings and improve uremic pruritus product.