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  • Sub-nanometer gold stickermethods for protecting against endotoxin-induced sepsis == Applied for the treatment of malignant wounds
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  • National Health Research Institutes
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  • Precision Health Ecosystem
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  • 林淑宜
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  • 971223@nhri.edu.tw
Technical Description The bioactive corecorona synergism of sub-nanometer gold enables slowed inflammationincreased tissue regeneration in wound hypoxia. The developed dual-function wound dressing based on a gold nanocluster with a plane structurean adhesive layer presented two features: (1) the gold nanocluster can attenuate the inflammatory response by adjusting the strength of the active site (i.e., l
Scientific Breakthrough The supramolecular trap fabricated from a subnanometer nanosheet can seal off the active site (lipid A) of lipopolysaccharide to directly interrupt the strong attraction it exerts, which can in turn minimize endotoxemiamaximize the activity of colistin to achieve greater anti-bacterial efficacy. Thus, the potential crisis of colistin abuseresistance can potentially be avoided. This inven
Industrial Applicability The bioactive corecorona synergism of gold nanocluster was developed to simultaneously address these complicated issues by combining the abilities to eliminate endotoxinsprovide oxygen for wound sites. Since the inflammatory stage is an essential stage of wound healing, the provision of endotoxin clearance by the outer organic corona of the gold-based wound dressing could slow inflammati