Technical Name 互動式呼吸引導及預警系統
Project Operator Taipei Medical University
Project Host 曾健華
The technology provides a new experience for remote respiratory rehabilitation care,let patients realize self-health management at home. The system has three characteristics: First, daily home pulmonary function tests to achieve early warning of disease. Second, the design of automatic feedback aperture valve provides the best positive expiratory pressure (PEP)for pulmonary rehabilitation,APP helps user to do breathing exercise. Third, electronic monitoring of inhaled medications with a two-way flow sensor module,APP helps user to guide the inhalation process.
Scientific Breakthrough
"The technology is the world's first interactive breath guidancealarming system.
The aperture design provides positive expiratory pressure (PEP)calculation of pressure difference flow. The system integrates three major functions: pulmonary function tests, pulmonary rehabilitationmonitoring inhaler use. In the government’s plan, we conducted a clinical trial with pulmonary rehabilitation (952 participants), the acute exacerbation rate of respiratory symptoms can be reduced by more than 30 while using our pulmonary rehabilitation technology."
Industrial Applicability
The technology can be applied to respiratory rehabilitation care to reduce the risk of an acute worsening of respiratory symptoms associated in COPD. It is estimated that the system will significantly reduce the annual medical expenditure of USD$ 14.7 billion due to reducing acute worsening of respiratory symptomscreate USD$ 1.5 billion in remote respiratory rehabilitation care output value. The technology creates a new home pulmonary function test, an interactive pulmonary rehabilitation care modela new inhaled drug use mode.
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