Technical Name Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening System
Project Operator National Chin-Yi University of Technology
Project Host 巫建興
In Taiwan, there are almost 96 million people look for medical treatment due to diabetes. The project successfully used the infrared light measurement system to observe the differences between the bilateral feet,collocating with the Chaos Synchronization to measure the differences between different signals, to decrease the probability of the attendance as the ultimate objective .
Scientific Breakthrough
The chaotic synchronization system utilizes features such as signal delayphase. If it is fully synchronized, the equatorial vector difference will converge to zero with increasing time,the judgment feature will have an error. The PPG signal of the extremities will evolve differently with different degrees of vascular occlusion.
Industrial Applicability
The system is forward-looking in the medical device-related industry,its approach has the potential to replace clinically standard Rolling Index (ABI) measurements, significantly improving measurement accuracyefficiency. The system can compete with many sphygmomanometersultrasound sensors in the future,I believe it can replace the current ABI systembecome an alternative to
Keyword diabetes peripheral arterial disease Chaos photoplethysmographic master slave Deep learning Artificial Intelligence Butterfly effect dialysis
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