Technical Name Wearable ultrasound device for diagnosis of sleep apnea
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 黃執中
We developed a wearable ultrasound monitoring device to monitor the collapse of tongue roots of sleep respiratory patients throughout the night,completed clinical trials in the sleep center. The experimental results show that this device can effectively monitor OSA. The tongue structure changes at the timeintegrates ultrasound information into the commercial PSG system. It is expected
Scientific Breakthrough
"1. Customized wearable ultrasound transducer is used for sleep apnea syndrome.
2. The price advantagethe small size of the device are suitable for homesleeping center bedside use.
3. The captured tongue deformationelasticity information can be integrated into the PSG.
4. The image frame rate can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is beneficial to the back-end analysisother 
Industrial Applicability
Current clinical medical ultrasound imaging systems are unable to image the tongue base for long periods of time during sleep, so this technology is based on our past foundation to develop a wearable ultrasound device to monitor tongue base deformationelasticity overnight. This device has the ability to check without disturbing natural sleepcan record long-term sleep for a long time
Keyword Wearable medical device Wearable ultrasound transducer ultrasound imaging sleep apnea artificial intelligence medical ultrasound image processing polysomnography ultrasound hardware system Continuous Positive Airway Pressure sleep-disordered breathing
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