Technical Name Intelligent Neurofeedback Training and Sleep Scoring Systems for Better Sleep
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 蕭富仁
An innovative product is produced in order to fit in different user scenarios. The mechanical design of our product provides not only comfortable wearing experience, but also the high quality of signal measurement. Regrading to the user-friendly mobile application, two key functions are provided. The first one is an objective sleep report, presenting long-term sleep quality records. Second, the most important function is a visual neural training, which will improve memory and enhance sleep quality after 3 weeks of training. In short, our product is a simple, light device. Users only need to wear the device and connect to the mobile phone to evaluate or train. The multi-functional design enhances the system value and reduces the inconvenience.
Scientific Breakthrough
Our technology proposes a progressive neural feedback training procedure. By analyzing brain waves and providing visual feedback, it helps users know how to train their brainwave correctly and effectively. Our product has been used and evaluated by different experts including neuroscientists, and clinical sleep specialists at clinics, sleep labs, and home. All in all, not only will our product fundamentally solve users’ problems, but also provides an objective sleep staging record based on EEGs, giving users better judgment on their sleeping habits. Our technology, a total solution for better sleep will be presented (1) A proven neurofeedback training program for effective sleep enhancement and memory consolidation (2) An AI on-line EEG sleep scoring for objective evaluation
Industrial Applicability
For the industry, the developing technologies will provide new opportunities to develop next-generation innovative wearable products. Also, It is expected that the developing devices and technology will be mature for commercialization based on our successful experience in testing in the clinical condition of patients.
For the technical breakthrough, the success of this project will enable the neurofeedback training to be used in clinics and day-to-day living and extend the applications of AI and wearable devices from assessment to performance enhancement. In terms of society, healthy persons, as well as insomnia patients, will be able to
achieve a better quality of life due to the innovative neurosensing and neurofeedback training technology.
Keyword Artificial intelligence insomnia wearable devices neurofeedback training sleep assessment sleep enhancement Electro-Encephalo-Graphy Brain-Computer Interface) Embedded platform Edge computing
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