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  • Smart Non-Contact Physiological Monitoring System
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  • Asia University
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  • 王昭能
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Technical Description we have been developed a contactless physiological monitoring system, which USES radar wave technology, combines medical cloud data database and artificial intelligence, integrates the physiological information and monitoring identification of patients, and realizes contactless physiological sensing and movement identification. It can improve the efficiency of medical care and reduce the risk of infection of medical personnel, and achieve the goal of personalized medicine. This system adopts the intelligent monitoring display mode of the instrument panel, and medical staff can instantly know the patient's body temperature, heart rate, respiration, and state by means of the instrument panel. Medical staff can observe the health of patients from a distance. At the same time, when the patient has abnormalities, such as a sudden increase in respiratory rate and cardiac arrest, the system will immediately send an alert to inform the medical staff and give the most immediate rescue.
Scientific Breakthrough Currently do non-contact physiological monitoring system manufacturers, Taiwan is not a multi-functional physiological monitoring instrument, \"zero contact life signs intelligent monitoring system\" integrated physiological measurement functions such as body temperature, heart rate, breathing, the current clinical need most is through the remote monitoring of life signs, to the most simple and quick way to understand the patient's life signs.
Industrial Applicability Nursing staff is an indispensable role in the medical environment, but nursing itself is a high-stress job, and the pressure of excessive and difficult load will cause occupational exhaustion. In the past, it has been pointed out that the job stress of nursing staff comes from occupational hazards and overload. This product will help reduce the workload of nursing staff by reducing their exposure to infectious diseases in a zero-exposure manner. Using this product can significantly reduce the amount of health care costs consumed.