Technical Name Interactive intelligent management device of caretreatment
Project Operator National Taiwan Normal University
Project Host
The device working principle is to wireless transmit the parameters of drug delivery, body-fluid drainage, and tube positioning to the cloud. The founded intelligent management programming, specific to different medical devices, send warning message to remind nurses and medical doctors and to start warning devices, and self-care guidelines to the intelligent platform of patients and caregivers.
Scientific Breakthrough
■非只有監測,尚提供互動式照護(提醒警告醫護人員,警告與衛教病人/照護 人員進行自主照護)
■僅在監測介面因不同醫材而有不同感測架構,無線、雲端、照護平台/醫護人 員/病人/照護人員的軟體架構是相同且具有可擴充性,提醒/衛教訊息是無限次數、定時的、適應性
Industrial Applicability
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