Technical Name Image based oxygen saturation measuring device
Project Operator National Applied Research Laboratories
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An oximeter is a medical instrument measuring an oxygen containing amount in hemoglobin in human body. Dislike the measurement of blood sampling, the oximeter does the measuring job based on non-invaded optical modulation mechanism, in which two optical beams having respective wavelengths which may be absorbed by oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin in human body are provided for measurement. After the two optical beams transmit on a selected skin area with blood vessel below, a concentration of the oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin may be measured respectively according to a variation from the incident light to the transmitted light.

The present invention is an image based oxygen saturation measuring device and method thereof. The method comprises steps of providing a plurality of red lights and a plurality of infrared lights arranged uniformly in an interlocked fashion and turned on alternatively; controlling the plurality of red lights and infrared lights to irradiate onto a selected skin area of a testee to have a red light turn-on period and an infrared light turn-on period; receiving a reflected version of the plurality of red lights and infrared lights from the selected skin area, respectively; and analyzing one reflected red light and one infrared light to acquire an oxygen saturation index for each of the coordination points. By means of the present invention, the measurement of oxygen saturation may be much exempted from effects brought from exterior interference and poor blood circulation, and may achieve a large measurement area in a single time.
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隨著人口老齡化、生活方式的改變,未來五年全球慢性疾病的罹患率將會從140萬人增加至190萬人,所佔比例從30%增加至46%。而在醫療產業中,血氧濃度檢測儀可應用在醫院中病人病況危急時、手術進行時或是居家照護的病患中,其需求量亦是逐年上升。此外,美國的全球市場產業分析機構(Markets and Markets)更指出從2011年至2016年全球的生理監視系統以5.9%的年複合成長率增長,並預計在2017年全球的市場產值將達到189億美元,因此圖像式血氧濃度檢測儀上市後的獲利可期。
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