Technical Name Portable Intelligent Manufacturing Monitoring Training System
Project Operator National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
Project Host 鄭瑞鴻
The purpose of this portable intelligent manufacturing monitoring teaching platform that is easy to carry and can show the actual operations. Through the simple modular design, including PLC programmable controller, HMI human-machine interface design, IoT automation teaching platform, smart set-top box, etc. The various sensors on the local molds or machines can be converted from mechanical actions to electrical signals, and collected by the smart set-top box are uploaded to the external cloud database through the IoT and can be dynamically updated, then instantly control the production data of the mold or machine at the remote sites. These data can also be further aggregated into MRP / ERP as a basis for process improvement or parameter adjustment to achieve factory automation and intelligence. For small and medium-sized enterprises or teaching and research units, obtain basic entry-level training equipment in a low-cost way to lower the barriers to entry into smart manufacturing.
Scientific Breakthrough
The price of equipment from large international manufacturers is very high, not only requires a fixed professional teaching space but also cannot be modified or repaired by itself. Our system is not only low in price, but it can also be used for teaching anywhere. We designed the modular design of standard components for teachers or students can be modified or repaired according to different needs, designed into different types of training boxes. After being connected in series, it can simulate the actual work requirements of the connection monitoring of different machines of the enterprise, increase learning efficiency, and lower learning barriers.
Industrial Applicability
This teaching system platform can be used to: learn the knowledge and skills of the motor, cylinder motion control, PLC programming, human-machine interface design, network settings, and web programming. It is helpful for teaching and research institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises to build cloud IoT smart manufacturing monitoring equipment in a low-cost way, simulating various practical control applications in the industry. Suitable for high school students and above, it can assist teachers in curriculum education, and it can also be applied to the training of new engineers related skills for SMEs.
Keyword Portable Training Platform Intelligent Manufacturing Mold Monitoring IoT SMEs Mold Die STEAM Education Smart Machine Box Automation
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