Technical Name Intelligent IoT Cloud and Autonomous Vehicular Techniques for Efficient Integration of Heterogamous Manufacturing Equipment
Project Operator National Taipei University of Technology
Project Host 陳彥霖
In the first, we have collected the sensing and operating data from the physical manufacturing systems by vision-based, fiber optical (FBG), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) sensors, and these data will be processed by the machine learning techniques to provide smart monitoring and predictive maintenance applications. These data are obtained and transmitted the high efficient data compression technique through the planned UWB and IoT network communication techniques planned on the smart sensor networks. The manufacturing line are also connected by the planned Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to transport the materials and components. The cloud platform also conducts the AI training process and big-data analytics onto the collected manufacturing data to obtain trained models for providing optimal manufacturing decision models, where the data are transmitted by the high efficient data compression technique.
Scientific Breakthrough
1.The rotor balance column information is located through the ToF depth image to achieve the identification and analysis of the rotor dynamic balance of the washer configuration, improve the dynamic balance adjustment efficiency.
2. Develop new VVC (H.266) universal video fast encoding technology, shorten the encoding time by 63.7% when the code rate BDBR is increased by 1.88%
3.Customized packaging technology to reduce the installation cost of piezoelectric film sensors in factories.
4.RTT path planning can monitor the status of multiple AGVs on the cloud platform, and eliminate AGV failures or obstacles that cannot be passed in a simple way.
5.Regardless of whether there are obstacles or not, the UWB positioning system based on IMU achieves a positioning accuracy of about 10cm.
Industrial Applicability
The team simultaneously develops value-added applications of precision mold smart manufacturing technology based on the mold processing process and product trial mold requirements. This series of technologies has assisted the industry to establish an accurate decision feedback system, to optimize adjustment and verification of complete manufacturing technology, and to improve the mold processing efficiency and utilization rate through intelligent IoT cloud monitoring technology.
UWB positioning technology can include different target objects such as personnel and self-propelled vehicle movement, material storage in a more complex IoT smart factory environment, providing an accurate positioning system to achieve personnel control and control that meet the needs of smart factories.
Keyword Internet-of-Things (IoT) Smart sensors Artificial intelligence Ultra-wideband (UWB) Cloud-fog computing Big-data analytics Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Intellectual motor system Smart scheduling Versatile Video Coding
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