Technical Name Fish breeding intelligent production system
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 陳宗嶽
This invention focuses on the early stage of fish breeding and to overcome the shortcoming of aquaculture industry by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence technology onto the production of micro algae and life-food organism, water quality control and etc. The engineering team will collect the breeding parameters, provides the statistical information to the smart-processing computing programs which allow a perception of decision-making, internet network connection, and computing calculation.
Collecting the big data after perception and feedback processing through the smart-processing computing programs, which couldn’t be retrieved by traditional manpower. After analyzing the bid data, the best solution can be calculated and redefine the best conditions for various production and breeding. By optimizing the decision-making model of the intelligent production system, it can break through the bottleneck of the existing breeding.
Scientific Breakthrough
There were a few developments of intelligent technique toward the initial hatchery stage of fry in domestic or foreign. It is mainly caused by the highly complexity of hatching parameters of fry, too fine to observe the early fry, and needs complex programming to solve it. This invention focuses on the micro algae, production of live-food organisms, and the water-quality control of fry culturing. Through collecting culturing parameters by induction equipment, through miniature detection equipment to analyze the fine images of algae, live-food organisms and fry. After analyzing and learning, The feedback equipment can automatically supply and adjust culturing environment. This is a fully automated intelligent production system of fry.
Industrial Applicability
Comparing our invention with traditional breeding methods, our invention can save 60% manpower, reduce production cost by 40%, and increase the breeding rate of seedlings by 10 times. Through the automated intelligent production system of fry, there will get continuous reproduction of good breeding yield and break through the most difficult bottleneck in the industry chain. The intelligent production system of fry will make up for the gap of existing intelligent breeding technology. Our invention can be together with the intelligent production system of adult fish farming to form a complete intelligent production chain. It will be helpful for the aquatic product brand of Taiwan and increase the output value of the export supply of fry of Taiwan’s aquaculture industry.
Keyword intelligent breeding fry algae life food organisms internet of Things micromachines monitoring of aquaculture environment bioinformatics processing intelligent computing system big Data
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