Technical Name Smart monitoring and controlling system for aquaculture
Project Operator National Chung Hsing University
Project Host 吳靖宙
This technique can improve the problems of aquaculture related to inaccuracy of long-term measurement of water quality. Our patent, a sensing device capable of calibration function, discloses the remote calibration function of water-quality sensors, including pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), conductivity and ion-selective sensors. The home-made device integrating a pH sensor, a DO sensor, fluid-transported jigs, microcontroller unit chips, detecting circuits and a motor can perform the measurement of pH value and DO concentration, send the signal via wireless transmission chip to cloud storage, and display the message in customer’s smart phone. Moreover, the device can automatically perform in situ calibration by inject a standard solution to the sensor surface. After calibration, the measured environmental solution can diffuse to the sensor for the measurement. This device has great promise to develop a smart aquaculture system due to its correct measurement.
Scientific Breakthrough
The technique constructs a device capable of remote self-calibration, cleaning and measurement for the sensing and controlling of water quality. The device is composed of fluidic channels transporting standard calibration solution, a jig fixing electrochemical sensors, microcontroller units containing Wi-Fi module, electrochemical sensing circuit and electrically controllable pump. The device can promote the accuracy of sensors in the long-term measurement of water quality. Moreover, the device can combine cloud storage and intelligent system to construct a smart aquaculture system.
Industrial Applicability
The high price fish aquatic farm with high density cultivation and fish hatchery farms need the real time monitoring system of water quality for the improvement of survival rate and growth efficiency. The cultivating farms of ornamental fish and marine medicine also require the smart monitoring device of water quality to increase profitability. The device may be required in the factories for the wastewater process of livestock, industry and domestic sewage and in the biotechnological company with large-scale bioreactors.
Keyword Water quality detection sensor automatic calibration microcontroller pH dissolved oxygen conductivity aquaculture smart control long-term measurement
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