Technical Name AIoT smart aquaculture management systems
Project Operator National Taiwan Ocean University
Project Host 張忠誠
Our team construct an AIoT smart aquaculture management system. The management system mainly consists of: (1) Image Behavior MonitoringAnalysis Subsystem (2) Smart Feeding Subsystem (3) IOT Subsystem including underwater sensors, ROV,Drone (4) Cloud Subsystem (5) Big Data Analysis Subsystem.
Scientific Breakthrough
Except in some developed countries like Norway, United States,Japan, cage culture is still mainly conducted by massive manpower. The innovative combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence)IoT makes it possible to ensure the safety of cages in the presence of severe stormsstrong typhoons, improve the feed conversion rate (FCR), as well as lower the overall operational cost.
Industrial Applicability
With the functionality optimizationfull automation provided by AIoTbig data analysis, we will be able to build a smart Aquaculture Management System which is useful in lifting off the barrier for fishermen to start up the offshore cage culture, reducing the overall operating costs,even solving the problem of future food shortage.
Keyword Aquaculture Artificial Intelligence IoT Deep Learning Big Data Sensors Feeding System Image processing Cage Culture ROV
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