Technical Name Thermoelectric Ever-Charge Portable Charger
Project Operator Academia Sinica
Project Host 陳洋元
This technology develop a “Thermoelectric Ever-Charge Portable Charger” for the applications in auxiliary charging of consumer electronicsfast self-charging for outdoor sensors. Technically, a sputtering depositiona semiconductor photolithography technique are combined to fabricate p-n materialsconnection procedures. The thermoelectric performance of the device is further optimized through a low-temperature heat treatment.
Scientific Breakthrough
Technically, the uniformlarge-area Bi2Te3 films can be grown on the substrate by a sputtering method. The outstanding performance of films not only overcomes the shortcoming of bulks, but also rivals to the best record in Nature. We have also integrated the semiconductor processmetal masks to improve the production yield. The proof-of-concept devices are available for 128442 pairs.
Industrial Applicability
Recently, thermoelectric power generation by waste heat has created lots of valuable applicationseconomic benefits. In the future, a “Thermoelectric Ever-Charge Portable Charger” will play an important role in converting thermal energy to electricity via energy harvesting for wearable electronic products, biomedical industry,AIoT5G industries to meet their power requirements.
Keyword 自充電源 Energy technology Consumer electronics Seebeck effect Photolithography Temperature gradient Thermal conductivity Semiconductors Thin films Self charge
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