Technical Name Ubiquitous RF Energy Applications
Project Operator National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Project Host 尤宗旗
A huge microwave power/RF power, which is generated by reasonable number super-imposition of smaller-power solid-state power sources, becomes a future trend. To meet the trend, NSRRC has developed a technology to combines multiple kilowatt-level RF power sources to tens of kilowatts to replace the vacuum tube that needs a high-voltage power supplybecome moremore expensive.
Scientific Breakthrough
NSRRC integrates a planar balun to achieve push-pull operation of excellent quality RF power source. The integration of an RF power chip with a water-cooled base is applied to have superior heat dissipationextended life of the power chip. Multi-port power combiners for in-phase operation at various power levels are also developed to have scale extensibility in various applications.
Industrial Applicability
The fully-solid-state RF power source is designed in CW mode which can satisfy various power application base on the single power unit.The high-qualityhigh-stability characteristics is especially suitable for electron beam acceleration. Other industrial applications such as aeronautical communication, plasma excitation, laser generationmicrowave heating are also applicable.
Keyword Solid-state RF Power Module RF Power Source RF Power Amplifier
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