• Technical Name
  • Artificial Intelligent 3D Sensing Image Processing System for Array Sensing Lidar
  • Operator
  • National Tsing Hua University
  • Booth
  • 電子&光電 Electronics & Optoelectronics
  • Contact
  • 王瑞美
  • Email
  • jmwang@mx.nthu.edu.tw
Technical Description High-accuracy 3D sensingAI image processing system for constructing high-quality immersion 3D image for AR/VR. Chaotic Lidar with APD arrayTOF sensors supports millimeter-accuracyinterference-avoiding capability. High-performance CNN processor supports high-performancelow DRAM bandwidth computations for various image AI applications.
Scientific Breakthrough Chaotic Lidar, including array APD sensorTOF detector, can scan image depth with millimeter ranging accuracy within 100 meter, which is much higher than centimeter accuracy of stereo matching. Combined with back-end embedded CNN image processor, the proposed system can support various AI image applications with high-immersion, high-throughput,energy-efficient computing power.
Industrial Applicability High-accuracy chaotic Lidar3D recording system can be applied to vehicular Lidarhigh-immersion AR/VR applications. High performance CNN processor achieves 41TOPS @ 7W in 40nm CMOS technology, which supports high-quality super-resolution, image denoising CNN computation for 4K UHD 30fps.