Technical Name Materials Design Platform of Bio-inspired Lightweight Structures by Integrating Artificial IntelligenceMaterials Genome Initiative
Project Operator National Tsing Hua University/National Taiwan University
Project Host 陳柏宇/陳俊杉/張書瑋/張守一
Through the study of structural biological materialthe multiscale analysissimulation, we construct an initiative integrated platform, which provides user-friendly experience, automatically generates designs of lightweight structure for the demandsoffers various choices of materialssuggestions. This design platform contains great potential for engineering applications.
Scientific Breakthrough
“Biological materials”, “Bio-inspired materials”, “Multi-scale modeling”, “Materials genome initiative platform”, “data scienceartificial intelligence” are integrated in this study for the first time, which make great breakthroughimpact on the design of bioinspired, lightweight structural materialsenlighten interdisciplinary research of scienceengineering.
Industrial Applicability
Novel bio-inspired materials predictiondesign systems can enhance the development of structural materials with superior mechanical performancecan be widely applied in the fields of aerospace, automobile, bicycle, intelligent mechanics, biomaterialsassistive devices.
Keyword Structural Biological Materials Hierarchical Structure Bio-inspired Materials Composites Mechanical Property 3D printing Multi-scale Modeling Materials Genome Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence
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