Technical Name Innovative Wireless PositioningTracking System
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 毛紹綱
iTech has developed an Innovative Wireless Positioning&Tracking System. iShield can simultaneously detect drones & operators.  iPosition tracks thousands of targets indoor. iFollow is an auto-following function for smart droids.
Scientific Breakthrough
Our cutting-edge RF systems enable a revolutionary high-precision accuracy cost-effective solution. iShield can simultaneously detect in large range drones & controllers. iFollow is a cost-effective auto-following function with cm-precision.  iPosition tracks targets without requiring a line of sight. 
Industrial Applicability
iShield realizes strict control of access to various regulated zones, such as private houses, military,  military facilities, government buildings. iPosition, with its easy setup, can be used in warehouse, retails, supermarkets, factories. iFollow is user-friendly, it is the solution of the future for automatic vehicles, smart factories, hospitals, robots.
Keyword Integrated Circuit Design Wireless Communication Module Wireless Positioning Target Tracking Artificial Intelligence Drone Detection Location-Based Service, Smart Factory Smart Home Smart City
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