Technical Name Integrated Technology of Face Recognition in Intelligent Library and its Application
Project Operator Chihlee University Of Technology
Project Host 林裕淇
Our special application patent for face recognition system has been successfully integrated into the existing library information system providing novel and convenient innovative service functions. Due to the superior and stable service function of the system, our system has won high recognition from teachers and students. Our patent creation can provide value-added services for the establishment of face recognition in the library. The team of this case looks forward to transferring the patent technology to the partner company to integrate this technology into different information and communication systems. We also look forward to exerting the power of win-win cooperation through industry and academia to further deepen the application effect of this technology, which can increase the depth and breadth of technology application in fields such as smart access control and smart customer service management in various industries, and expand the service of smart living environment field.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. Integrate heterogeneous systems through standardized international standards.
2. Use modular technology to improve the chances of success across systems, platforms and vendors.
3. Improve the independent transparency of system integration and reduce the technical dependence between manufacturers.
4. Reduce integration costs and increase owners' willingness to invest in integration.
Industrial Applicability
This technology not only simplifies the integration of face recognition technology, reduces the cost of face recognition integration, but also enhances the chances of successful introduction of face recognition systems, integration of cross-system, cross-platform, and cross-vendors in various fields. Using the technology, everyone can easily provide face recognition smart life services.
Keyword face recognition system recognition integration module recognition transmission module heterogeneous system integration module dynamic image recognition library borrowing and returning system user access control management system automatic borrowing machine library reservation borrowing machine customer service management system
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