Technical Name 結合Beacon與RFID技術之圖書館查書、導引、取書、借書等功能手機App – iLib Guider
Project Operator National Library of Public Information
Project Host 劉仲成
Looking for a specific book can be tiresome, especially in bigger libraries.  Browsing through unfamiliar shelves regarding to call numbers indeed sets readers back.Through IoT technologies, the iLib Guider combines library cataloguenavigation functions.  The user will be guided directly to the shelf where the book is located right after searchingscanning the ISBN code.  Through the accurate positioning, this APP even points out which block of the shelf the books is stored. User then can self-checkout on the smartphone, finishing the end-to-end service without assistance of the staff.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
"Differs from triangulation, iLib Guider APP uses geomagnetic field, Wi-Fi signalBeacons to perform high positioning accuracy at immediate addressing.  Thus, the APP has advances of high precision, quick installation, lesser Beacons requirement,easy maintenance.  
For the mobile self-checkout function, iLib Guider breaks ground by creating “whitelist” in library circulation system, while exceeding the traditional RFID tag unlocking system."
Industrial Applicability
iLib Guider APP plays a role in digitalization of library services.  As a pioneer in Bring-Your-Own-Device model, the APP integrates library catalogue, navigationself-checkout functions into an end-to-end service system.
Matching Needs
Keyword indoor locating library navigation self-checkout self book-lending LBS Beacon RFID
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