Technical Name Super AI HPC System
Project Operator National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 王靖維
Super fast terapixel server allows multiple users to viewanalyze gigapixelterapixel images with mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Android mobiles,laptops at the same time. Users could annotateanalyze the data using built-in tools such as 3d effect, color deconvolution, color quantification, nuclei/object detection, lengtharea measurement,quantitative reporting system.
Scientific Breakthrough
Super AI HPC System can quickly builds, trains,deploys large-scale machine learning models. A small amount of data can be used to quickly build an AI model, which can be optimized for the original model without re-establishing the model. It takes only 1 day to build a new AI model. The AI ​​model recommendation function sorts the user-created AI modelsrecommends the user's optimal AI model.
Industrial Applicability
AI Explore AI HPC platforms have been used in various applications:
-Digital Pathology
-Industry 4.0 (Real time defect detection)
-Dental X-ray Image Analysis
-Smart CitySurveillance 
-Wafer Inspection
-IC Inspection
-Copper Foil Inspection
-LCD Panel Inspection
-PCB Inspection
-Process Quality Improvement
-X-ray Image Analysis
-Cancer Cell Image Analysis
-Face Recognition
Keyword AI HPC Artificial wisdom Deep learning Digital pathology Smart manufacturing Smart City Smart monitoring Smart agriculture Face recognition Industry 4.0 (Real time defect detection)
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