Technical Name Integrated Environmental and Physiological Mobile Sensors with Physical Activity Decision Support System for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Project Operator National Yangming University
Project Host 蔡仁貞
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a major public health problem and is the third leading cause of death worldwide. Physical activity drastically reduced after hospitalization usually caused by exacerbation. The proposed system consisting of 7 major components: (1) a mobile digital monitoring box, which detects environment status and air quality around user (temperature, humidity, ultra-violate, and PM 2.5); (2) implanted mobile physiological sensors on the digital monitoring box, which monitor oxygen saturation concentration, heart rate, and respiratory rate; (3) a smartphone application (App) to connect all of schemes with the cloud server; (4) integrating data additionally from available pedometer and mobile spirometry measures (FEV1); (5) a computing system of decision support in PA; (6) a Line bot, which provides motivating feedback to the user; (7) the website and cloud server The schematic of the system is presented in Figure 1.
Scientific Breakthrough
The digital monitoring device consists of mobile environmental detecting sensors, a Raspberry Pi single-board computer using USB Battery Module, and a 3.5" TFT touchscreen for Raspberry Pi, which could extract the data from remote physiological sensors. The architecture of the hardware components is presented Figure 2.
The system for decision support in physical activity consists of four sections including smartphone App, website, Line bot, and the cloud server. A smartphone App was created using Java JSP and JDK SE 1.8. A Line bot was designed using JSON script and JavaScript to automatically provide user with information such as, goal advice, real-time air quality around the users, and notification of risky environment condition. The concept map of the system has shown in Figure 3.
Industrial Applicability
Taking account of the specific needs of health information regarding physical activity management in COPD patients, a technological tool for enhancing physical activity of patients with COPD was proposed. The feature of this prototype was designed to reduce harmful environment condition and by increasing access to safe as well as personal goals focused activity. This tool developed in our study added value of pre-exercise environmental and physiological assessment to exercise monitoring and feedback features in order to help preventing symptoms during daily activity of patients with COPD.
Keyword COPD physical activity smart care mobile health decision support system environmental sensor
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