Technical Name Tele-exercise training multiple HR real-time monitor solution
Project Host 吳旻寰
Combine heart rate and blood oxygen sensor to achieve a Host with 2.4G connection technology. Stable and fast connection of 10 bracelets, no need to upload to the cloud through a mobile phone, and then connect to an exclusive APP to achieve simultaneous sports competitions and real-time monitoring of heart rate and blood Oxygen, and by calculating the estimated exercise volume and actual exercise completion to remind the user of the correct exercise volume and exercise safety.
Scientific Breakthrough
Breakthrough 1: Predict exercise completion through 2.4G heart rate bracelet so users can easily achieve the correct amount of exercise
Breakthrough 2: Cascading multiplayer and personal fields to achieve the effect of being able to exercise with others without going out
Breakthrough 3: Open sports audio-visual platform, combined with sports completion to achieve long-distance health promotion effect
Breakthrough 4: Integrate measurement of metabolic products to achieve active tracking of metabolic consumption throughout the day
Breakthrough 5: Integrate breathing products to achieve sleep apnea monitoring
Industrial Applicability
Sports industry: used to monitor the physical condition of athletes in real time
Aging industry: Promote convenient and fast remote health promotion, and help the elderly understand the activities.
Military police: Heart rate monitoring during mission.
Keyword Instant one-to-many heart rate blood oxygen saturation 2.4G exercise completion Hack metabolism Internet of Things long-distance exercise e Exercise prescription exercise platform
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