Technical Name Switch on the coming new era of Food Safety Monitoring Technology using Semiconductor Chip
Project Operator Asia University
Project Host 蔣育錚
1. This semiconductive chip with a low power consumption of 4.2nW (could extend using time by 1 million times) and the detection temp was ranging from -55℃ to +125℃. 
2. One to many, Contactless power transfer technology: The chip can be wirelessly powered for more than 10 receivers at the same time by using the wirelessly communication.
3. The new GaN components, drive circuits, and UHF tech can effectively improve the application level of the chip.
4. The supercapacitor was used, which made the energy save and transfer more easily, like no battery inside.
5. The chip was a passive electric circuit design, i.e., unplugged, which was energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
6. Low-cost: each chip will be lower than 0.99 TWD.
7. This chip is scalable, such as GPS., could be added easily.
8. This chip is a virtual and real integration platform which is made for the combination of digital and reality world
9. By using the semiconductive chip platform food safety can be guarantee.
Scientific Breakthrough
In general, the traditional monitoring chip has several disadvantages. For example, the power and battery performance will decay very quickly and the battery electrolyte was frozen under low temp and cost too high. The above disadvantages had greatly improved by our team works, data showed the energy could be transferred wirelessly for more than 1.2 meters and powered for more than 10 chips simultaneously. The temp of the supercapacitor was ranging from -55℃to+125℃. Data showed that this high tech chip had great creativity and scalabilities. This tech could be used in various environments, such as goods, foods, vaccines, freezing, marine products, cold chains, food supply chains, etc. This creative Chip has a wide range of usabilities and could be upgraded easily with different techniques.
Industrial Applicability
In this plan, the wireless power transfer temperature semi-conductive chip was developed, such technology can be used for the real-time monitoring of a large number of foods, simultaneously. Such technology could be used for the monitoring of low-temperature logistics, cold chain, food supply chain, vaccines, blood samples, drugs, freezing products, vegetables, fruits, eggs, marine products, date of expiration, even in artworks, and the protection of the treasures. This wireless energy transfer semi-conductive chip technology has a huge impact on economic issues of the relative industries, and food supply chains.
Keyword Food Safety Food Traceability Temperature-Time indicator Wireless power transfer Real time Monitoring Semiconductor Chip Cold Chain Food Supply Chain Management one to many GaN
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