Technical Name Advanced Laser Chip Product and Design Service
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 吳肇欣
Laser chips have been applied in various applications, covering both industry and consumer markets. For example, face recognition functions initiated by Apple mobile phones, fiber optic interconnection among high-speed data centers and other biomedical applications are all getting high demands. Most of the laser chip manufacturers operate in a vertical integration model, which specifies the chips for internal use. Our team has extensive experience in laser design and mass production, and also has profound experience of the whole laser chip supply chain management. As the first product-oriented laser chip company in Taiwan, we provide the services of developing new product (for both standard and customized), establishing component libraries and reducing the cost and time to market.

Our target markets are in Datacom, Telecom, commercial laser products, Lidar and 3D sensing, and compared to IDM, we are able to instead quickly enter the market with a new lower cost Fabless business model.
Scientific Breakthrough
We will successively deliver 25G and 50G high speed VCSEL chips. The performance of our 25G VCSEL is better than Broadcom and II-VI; although there is no 50G VCSEL in the market, we have already successfully developed it and will push it into production soon.

About our lidar EEL, our lasers are eye-safety (wavelength = 1550nm), small space and high power (place EEL onto silicon photonics bench), and high resolution (successfully limit the emitting area).
Industrial Applicability
25G/50G high speed VCSEL can be used in data centers for optical communication, and used for active optical cables, for example, HDMI 2.1 and USB 4.0. Besides 

Besides autopilot, automotive 3D sensing and AGV (automated guided vehicles) are also other 2 killer applications. The former includes DMS/IMS and short distance out-of-car sensing, and the latter is a key component of industry 4.0.

Lidar lasers
Keyword Laser fabless Lidar 3D Sensing Data Center
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